‘Dance Moms’ Show….The Greater Lesson

People always ask me if I watch dance shows that are on TV….the latest one folks have inquired about is “Dance Moms“. I’d never heard of it…so I TiVoed it…..YIKES. Funny enough, I think that the studio owner on this dysfunctional show could use to read the recent adabldoya.com post ‘Happiness Wins‘. Seriously. Now for my first dancedab:

Dance has always been a huge part of my life. Dancing. Training. Choreographing. Teaching. As I’ve gotten older my passion has truly turned to teaching. As an adult (and now as a mom), I recognize that teaching young people in any capacity is like being given the opportunity to help shape someone’s life. It doesn’t matter whether the teaching is in Dance, Basketball or American History….I believe the ultimate lesson is about who we are teaching these kids to become as people. We can use the activity/topic that we are focusing on to motivate and challenge them, but I think it has to be about more than that.  Turnout and pirouettes are not what inspired me to make a career out of dance. 1st place trophies weren’t it either. Dance is my church and my therapy.

Through dance I have learned to have discipline, fortitude, self-esteem and joy. Above all else, dance has given me a way of expressing myself that is beyond words. Dance has taught me to risk, to be vulnerable, to trust in myself. These are the lessons that should translate into our actual lives – how to better communicate, to be in touch with our thoughts/feelings & how to foster strong relationships. This is what inspires me to work with young dancers. Don’t get me wrong – I am a stickler for proper technique and training, and I am happy to help young dancers to succeed in competition….I’m just not naive enough to think that is what it’s REALLY all about.

So, now I will answer with more authority when people ask me if I watch “Dance Moms” – Answer? Definitely not.

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