Motivational Rap Tracks

A little dab of motivation is healthy for everyone. Sometimes people get motivated by a pal, a moving story or even just a crazy itch to cross things off their list. At the same time, folks use motivation for a number of reasons. Everything from running a marathon to doing the evening dishes, motivation is necessary. Also, most of us have the awesome ability to motivate ourselves without needing to be ‘sold’ on an idea by a second party (or forced to be motivated). I can’t discount the hyper-thoughtfulness of people who do the motivating. In-fact it was ‘the motivator’ which motivated me to write this post. I’m dedicating this entry to a few folks who motivate me almost everyday.

Motivational Rap Tracks: As much as you might be expecting to hear about how I receive motivation by my grandfather’s legacy or maybe even being a father, this post is actually about how music motivates me. Everyone reading this needs to know that Sidestreet Fois grew up listening to and loving rap. From Rob Base and NWA, through E-40 and Outkast, to now what Rey Resurreccion and J Stalin are creating. Its all very motivating to me. You might be telling yourself that Sidestreet Fois is nuts. You might also be thinking about the actual lyrics that motivators like Dr. Dre and E-40 are using in their raps, and again telling yourself that Sidestreet is nuts. Well, you’re wrong. I’m not nuts. I actually use a technique that allows me to relate rap stories directly to my own real life. I feel very fortunate that I’ve found self control in my life and don’t have a murderous bone in my body. Im also glad that I don’t slap broads and slang dope to make a living. But I can sure relate to their intent and it fires me up, eventually motivating me to become better at what I do. Instead of slapin broads, I think that I’m gonna slap my competition (not literally of course). Instead of slangin D on the block, I’m slangin digital services to local businesses….like a real G. After that, I’m rappin along with these motivators and felling pumped.

Currently Ive been motivated by San Jose’s Rey Resurreccion and Vallejo’s E-40. These guys don’t really talk about hurting or murdering other people, these rappers are more cerebral. Another thing that everyone reading this post should know is that Sidestreet Fois is not a properly educated man and loves working for and earning everything. When Rey and E-40 speak about their course through life or the things that make them feel good, it motivates me and I relate to their stories in a positive way. Even though E-40 has (for the most part) made it to the top and Rey is still fresh on the scene by comparison, they both are motivators in my world. Thanks to these two gents, my inner fire burns bright and I feel the motivation pumping through my veins every time I hear their music….thanks for the motivational music fellas.

Several years ago my dad asked me: ‘Son, how can you listen to that rap crap?’ My reply stays strong even today: ‘Dad, you hear the music differently than I do. Its not a slang thing and its not a thug thing. The music moves me and the lyrics motivate me to be a better person in all aspects of life.’ So the next time you hear a car ‘bumpin’ on the block, think about this post. You never know, that someone might be preparing themselves for a big meeting and getting a little motivated beforehand.

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