Don’t Talk About it Be About It

Put your money where your mouth is. Actions speak louder than words. Be true to yourself. Talk is cheap. Word is bond. These fun phrases all point to the same thing. A person’s ability to talk about it, and be about it. This post is dedicated to helping the people in the world do what they say. 

As we navigate thru life as humans, we must realize that what we say and what we do should match. Everything from well wishes to promises, what we say should mean something. It’s clear that not everyone understands this. And it would be unfair to assume that we as humans are born knowing this. But I can say that those who do what they say are keepers in life. So no matter if you’re one of those people, or you have people like that in your life, they’re keepers. Why keepers? Because those who do what they say are honorable people. Just as folks who can admit fault, can apologize with good intentions, or stay loyal, doing what you say is a big deal in life. 

Growing up we get to experiment with it by stumbling on our words, letting people down, letting ourselves down, or eventually realizing our own limitations. And there are extremes on both ends where some people are numb to their inactions to words, while others are so stern on their word that they can start to demand the same from others. Both are just fine in their own right. Doing what you say you are going to do is not mandatory by any means, but when you realize ‘and live through’ the benefits it can change your life. 

For those who have a hard time doing what they say, this article is for you. This article is a jump-start to your recovery in being a better person to yourself and the world around you. Once you can see past yourself and the selfish tendencies of delivering empty promises and/or sharing hollow intentions with others, this is the first step. After recognizing that your talk is cheap, you must now begin to hold yourself accountable for the words you say. This part is not easy, but the more you try and focus on your words of intention, the more others will notice the improvements. It’s a ‘measure twice, cut once’ opportunity to think before you speak. For those with a strong inability to keep their word, if they can get this far, they’ve made big progress, and the move towards matching their words and actions becomes easier. Why easier? Because the internal fulfillment of doing what you say is strong, and when others know you’re the type of person who does what they say, this feeling is very rewarding too. 

As a father of two, I tell my kids ‘Don’t talk about it…’ and they reply ‘…Be about it.’ It’s something I’m, proud to have taught them early in life. Not only have I helped them understand this concept sooner than most, I’ve also set the expectations with them that the people in the world know when you do not do what you say, and that’s not a cool thing to do. As life goes, we’ve also experienced when others do not do what they say, and have used these moments as lessons on what it feels like being on the receiving end. Viewing these situations from both sides has strengthened my children’s points of view on this topic, and I’m confident my kids will keep growing to be honorable adults. 

When we say Word is Bond, we mean it because very few things are as powerful as your words. For those who like to speak-up, I say make sure you’re putting your money where your mouth is because talk is cheap. We all know that actions speak louder than words, and when you’re true to yourself, your actions are confident and pure. So in conclusion, the life lesson of ‘Don’t talk about tit, be about it.’ is entirely up to the person to first recognize and understand, before putting it into practice and living a true and honorable life. 

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