A Peaceful Drift

Summertime is awesome in Northern California! There’s plenty to do no matter what you’re into. This summer we camped, hiked, golfed, visited friends and family, went to the beach, partied big and small, BBQ’d lots, had a yard-sale, rode bikes, raised a garden, went to baseball games and festivals, all within less than a 1 hour drive from home, all with children and all still while working a normal workweek (give or take a day for the 3-day weekend strategy). Within all of that running around I know that I selfishly still took the opportunity to sleep-in on occasion, take a smooth cruise in my classic car and maybe even just sit around. But nothing compares to a few hours of peace and relaxation on the American River.

A Peaceful Drift: What has two thumbs, is sun-kissed and is at peace? This guy! I’d suggest closing your eyes and envisioning this adabldoya.com post, (especially if you have young kids) but of course after you read it. Let me paint the picture simply. 5 hours, 4 friends, no kids, no iphone, 1 large tube and life-vest, sunglasses, cold sparkling water and a Togo’s sandwich. The water was cold and the sun was hot, but the peacefulness was by far the best part of it.

As we drifted down the mighty American River, the purest feeling of peace and quiet was overwhelming and beautiful. We had no choice but to relax and enjoy being human. The river was mellow. Others enjoying the river weren’t disruptive. There was no rush. If we wanted to slow down we stopped at a secluded beach (sometimes the beach we chose would attract some fun folks too). We didn’t have ores and didn’t want to speed up. At one point I took about a dozen mental pictures because the scene was super awesome with still clear water, a happy wife and a long and wide view of the river dotted with other folks adrift. Picturesque indeed. It was 100% float, 100% relax and 100% peace….making it a 300% perfect ending to an action-packed summer. Lastly, we paid the nanny more than it cost to float, and it was well worth it.

Everyone owes themselves a dab of peace and relaxation. This is one way to get it, but we’d like to hear your relaxation techniques in the ‘comments’ below.

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