Pickin-Up What Im Puttin-Down

We as humans can sense what others are feeling by the slightest of interactions. It could be basic body language that tells you someone is uncomfortable or pleasant, a facial expression of delight or curiosity, or even verbal tones that send positive or negative signals. Some people go out of their way to be ultra excited no matter what the situation, and others intentionally push-out aggressive or defensive vibes. To each their own, but I believe that the vibes we bring to other people, and to the world as a whole, are highly transferable. Enjoy this adabldoya.com post and consider sharing it with friends.

Pickin-Up What Im Puttin-Down: Both positivity and negativity spread like wildfire amongst humans. I’ll say it simply, ‘Please be nice and avoid thinking of worst-case-senerios.’. You might disagree with me, and if you do, you might not recognize negativity when it hits you. If you agree, then you’d be pickin up what I’m puttin down. It’s kinda hard for us humans to think twice and find the silver lining within things easily, but as the old saying goes ‘If life was easy, we’d all be good at it.’ The next time you feel irritated or agitated by someone you come in contact with, try to find the silver lining and do what you can not to absorb the negativity being pushed your way. Sometimes all you can do is let the wildfires burn right past you, but in other times (without force and in moderate doses) you have the option to extinguish the fire by showering it with positivity. An ounce of positivity is worth more than a pound of negativity any-day. Test it out, you’ll be pleased.

On the flip-side, there are times when we humans excrete negativity without even knowing it (yes Im talking about you, and yes I said excrete). Above I suggested that we should avoid thinking of worst-case-scenarios, and for a good reason. For some folks, thinking of the worst possible scenarios or factors allows them to ‘not be disappointed’ when/if that worst scenario actually happens. It’s gotta be a really bad day when the worst thing, is the only thing you can think about. I believe thinking this way effects those we interact with as well as ourselves. Unless the worst-case-scenario is that you might win $1,000,000 instead of $2,000,000 (which isn’t all that negative), then you’re probably drumming up a negative situation in your mind that has the potential to grow into a bigger ‘wildfire’ of un-positive thoughts. Thinking this way pushes bad vibes of fear, doubt and even anger to others around us, essentially exposing them to our negativity. The way it effects us directly and internally is a little different because only we can convince ourself to lower expectations and potentially bring the phrase ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way’ to fruition. Ask yourself: Wouldn’t you be happier and more at ease thinking positive thoughts? I hope you said ‘yes’. If not, try again later.

Us warm-body humans have the power to control our thoughts and it’s all about choosing wisely. Worst case scenarios are bummers and perpetuate the Debbie Downer syndrome. We have the ability to make our own (and each-others) day great, simply by keeping a positive pep in our step and an even-keel head on our shoulders….we owe it to ourselves.

Btw, tell adabldoya.com how you’ve avoided, suppressed or reversed negativity (could be in your life or in someone else’s) below in comments.

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Sir Name: Carl Foisy has been issued several aliases by friends n family: Sidestreet Foisy is one of them along with; 'Lito, Cadillac Carl, Mr. San Jose, Big Lobster, TDW, Knuckles B McCrackin, Team 106 and a few others. A message from Carl: 'I enjoy positive energies, open honest conversation and sharing knowledge that Ive been so lucky to obtain throughout my (so far) short life. I'm a workaholic and a big evangelist of digital media, data science and honest web guidance. I love being a husband, father, friend, handyman, bocce aficionado and human like you.'

3 thoughts on “Pickin-Up What Im Puttin-Down

  1. I call that “worst case scenario” type thinking – catastrophic thinking (technical term)
    and after reading this post – I am deciding to pass on some good vibes to the next person I interact with.

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