Minutes of Waiting for Years of Life

I’ve waited long enough to write this post. Not saying that I’ve lost my patience, I’m just ready to write. In-fact this adabldoya.com post is all about patience, because patience is good for everyone. No matter what the day has in-store for us humans, we flex our patience in many ways. After taking a few steps back to recognize my own actions along with the actions of some innocent bi-standers, I’ve come to realize that waiting a few extra moments in life is totally cool and surprisingly refreshing. Thanks to patience, I’m writing this post today and I would have written this post about five days ago. Thanks to these last five days, I discovered more reasons why being patient is crucial. And of course, thanks to you for waiting so patiently for this new post. I hope you enjoy.

Minutes of Waiting for Years of Life: Becoming a patient person is not easy. In life, you’ll be faced with several things that test your patience. These things will come in many shapes and sizes, but the time it takes to show some patience (in most situations) is shorter than you think. Within a few seconds, you can lose your patience while waiting in traffic or even talking on the phone with a chatterbox. On the flip-side, you only spend a few extra seconds being patient while waiting in traffic, or even finishing up a conversation with a talkative friend or family member. On this level of everyday type of situations, a few seconds of patience really does make the difference. The question to ask yourself is: Do I want to lose my cool, or keep a level head over a few seconds? The answer should be simple. (if you chose ‘lose my cool’, you failed)

On one particular day my patience was being tested frequently. At the end of that day I realized roughly six minutes of my day had been dedicated to waiting longer than I wanted to and/or expected to. Once I figured this out, I decided that six minutes of being solemn is far superior than any number minutes of being bothered. In my opinion, the few moments that accumulated throughout the day was time well spent.

There are situations that require more patience, but still, in the long run the actual minutes or even hours spent being patient will end up being well worth it. Ill explain via two personal experiences. First experience: Waiting several minutes at a restaurant for a waiter to greet our table. I found myself feeling ignored and started losing my patience. Before I let my patience run thin, I remind myself that the ambiance and company was awesome, and began focusing on those positive vitals. Eventually we were acknowledged, and the rest of our evening at that restaurant was phenomenal. Instead of making a decision to show my anger and lose patience over a few minutes, I let those minutes pass knowing that it was better for my overall mental health and would not ruin the entire night for those around me. Second experience: Waiting for a friend at a bar on a busy Friday night for over an hour. I considered calling the evening off and potentially even ditching my friend all together, but losing my patience like that would unavoidably turn into a petty argument over who did what. That’s dumb. Obviously patience is a necessity for a situation like this, but selfishly I realized that becoming upset or overly bummed would ruin my own evening. So I waited patiently and kept myself busy by exploring the surrounding area. I turned a potential bad time into a fun time really quick. Eventually when my pal arrived, I didn’t give him a huge ration of crap because I didn’t want to make him feel any worse than he already might have felt. Then I reminded him that the first round was on him and expressed my happiness that he was finally able to make it out for a good time. In both experiences, using patience was essential in maintaining a positive vibe and attitude for all involved. In both situations, being patient was a positive thing. And funny enough, both situations happened in the same evening. So my patience was getting a solid workout that night indeed.

Marinate on this for a moment….We’ve all heard that laughing and smiling extends human life. Unfortunately we also know that doing the opposite by stressing-out and getting upset (not laughing or smiling) will eventually shorten a person’s life. From waiting a few minutes to an hour plus, I believe these moments are investments towards the betterment and longevity of life. So in your quest to ‘live life to the fullest’, I’d suggest focusing on your levels of patience and practice being patient more often. Those successful in doing so will live longer and be a dab happier everyday.

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