I Love The Love

Lets admit it, emotions run deep within us all. Not in the same exact way, but we all have mass amounts of emotion running through our veins. Whenever it hits you, a tingly sensation plays with your heart, or maybe an uncontrollable rush of warmth consumes your body, or even the simple more familiar feeling of hair standing straight up (that could just be me), it essentially indicates that emotion is alive inside of you. I believe this adabldoya.com entry has an appropriate title because emotions reflect passion. I don’t want to get passion and love mixed up here, so what Id like to say is that in order to have passion for anything in life, I believe you must love it first. It could be a passion for loud punk-rock music or a passion for cleaning your house, you most likely love loud punk-rock music and love having a clean house. Makes sense right?

I Love The Love: Some folks cry during TV commercials or during wedding ceremonies or even just by envisioning what their perfect future will be like. On occasion people swell up with pride and are touched by their own actions. I personally get emotional when I feel loved by my family and friends. None the less, when these types of feelings become uncontrollable, you’re feeling the love for sure. Sometimes when you feel the love it can be overwhelming and may become uncomfortable or embarrassing in certain situations or circumstances. Don’t try to shake these emotions and feelings, just ride them out because as I suggested in the beginning of this entry, we all have emotions, and we all love the love in some way, shape or form….its totally cool.

OK, lets turn the tables here and try to vision ourselves emotionless and without passion. That would be weird. Not caring about something fun or exciting that makes you happy. Unable to strive for greatness. No ambitions to make a better tomorrow for yourself, your family or (for some of us) the rest of the world. Its kinda hard to think about life without these derivatives of love. Even those who have the thickest of skin or pure hate in their system have a dab of love deep inside somewhere. Only a robot could achieve this emptiness because the dude who is thick-skinned loves fuzzy puppies and the person who pumps pure hate, loves to hate…..just not my choice of character. Sadly I understand that there are people in our world that find it hard to embrace love, be passionate or even care about emotions. In these cases, humanity has brought good people to help others who have been beaten down in life in order to reintroduce or simply find the internal fire within these folks and eventually give them the power to rise up and become emotionally powerful and feeling the love once again. My apologies for bringing up these unpleasant thoughts and examples, but I wanted to help paint the picture of how either unthinkable and/or painful life would be without love. Thanks for your understanding, now back to the good stuff!

Here are three short examples of why I love the love. 1. A friend of mine was watching a commercial for Chevy and after a few seconds had passed, he turned, looked at me, and was shedding a few tears. OK, I cant blame him, this ad touched so may things that we all love. Family, memories, children and in some way just being American. These few values wrapped up with some touching music and potentially a familiar feeling of being loyal to a truck, are good solid reasons why my pal was loving the love (via pride and loyalty). 2. On America’s Funniest Home Videos $100,000 final winner episode, the video that won was of a guy who lost his boogie-board while in a wave pool. In any case, when he won, he began to cry. Well once he told the host what his plans were with the $100k, (To become debt free and to volunteer his time more often) I realized that guy was feeling the love in a major way (via relief and a giving nature). 3. This one is a personal experience. I attended a wedding a few days ago (Very nice BTW) for some friends that Ive grown to love. I cried when I saw the groom waiting for his bride. I cried when I saw the bride walk down the isle and I cried at their first dance. Those were tears of happiness because I was truly feeling the love. In fact, after a few rum and cokes, my emotions reversed and I was feeling the passion on the dance floor. Needless to say I was loving the love from all angles that day and it was fantastic. (via commitment and celebration)

No matter what anyone says, I urge you to not be afraid to be human. We could all use more confidence in the emotion department along with more encouragement in the passion arena. Why? because we should all love to love the love. One love.

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Sir Name: Carl Foisy has been issued several aliases by friends n family: Sidestreet Foisy is one of them along with; 'Lito, Cadillac Carl, Mr. San Jose, Big Lobster, TDW, Knuckles B McCrackin, Team 106 and a few others. A message from Carl: 'I enjoy positive energies, open honest conversation and sharing knowledge that Ive been so lucky to obtain throughout my (so far) short life. I'm a workaholic and a big evangelist of digital media, data science and honest web guidance. I love being a husband, father, friend, handyman, bocce aficionado and human like you.'

4 thoughts on “I Love The Love

  1. Great post my brother from another mother! I’m lovin’ the love you got for love. I love the love to. In fact, an experience with love happened this morning with my 3 year old son. I always kiss my babies before I go to work. When I was saying my good byes to my son I noticed I took extra time to hold him and hug him. Then I let him go and we was laying down watching Toy Story. I gave him one more caress on his face and looked at him one last time before I parted. In my head I was thinking how impossible it was for him to understand how much I loved him. (via commitment and loyalty) It’s a beautiful thing my friend! Thanks for spreading the love! 🙂

    • Nice work Dad. Sometimes it just takes a few more seconds, and its always worth it! You’ll not only be a better person, but you’ll inspire other to be a better person in their life too. I like it when good things rub-off on others….one love brother from another mother.

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