I Love The Love

Lets admit it, emotions run deep within us all. Not in the same exact way, but we all have mass amounts of emotion running through our veins. Whenever it hits you, a tingly sensation plays with your heart, or maybe an uncontrollable rush of warmth consumes your body, or even the simple more familiar feeling of hair standing straight up (that could just be me), it essentially indicates that emotion is alive inside of you. I believe this adabldoya.com entry has an appropriate title because Continue reading

‘Dance Moms’ Show….The Greater Lesson

People always ask me if I watch dance shows that are on TV….the latest one folks have inquired about is “Dance Moms“. I’d never heard of it…so I TiVoed it…..YIKES. Funny enough, I think that the studio owner on this dysfunctional show could use to read the recent adabldoya.com post ‘Happiness Wins‘. Seriously. Now for my first dancedab:

Dance has always been a huge part of my life. Dancing. Training. Choreographing. Teaching. As I’ve gotten older my passion has truly turned to Continue reading