Digital User Experience

Me: It’s crazy that big brands are forcing mobile users to download an app rather than just provide a

responsive website. Marketing dummies don’t use SMS, email or social and should know that user experience is the new King.

Them: I think that a useful app for a big brand is a necessity.

Me: Saving a button on your home screen is no prob for a responsive site.

Them: No body needs to receive that information that often. They want information that will benefit them.

Me : It’s so easy to geo and category segment users. #SpamSucks will be the movements slogan.

Them: Same functionality with an app.

Me: Like most, I used a search engine to get answers. Why should we be forced not to use their website easily while on mobile/tablet platform? SMS, email and social are all great lines of opt-in segmented communication. Like most I use Google to search for information, not the App Store.

Them: What for you searching for tho?

Me: Direct navigation to which is their branding and marketing at work and probably over 35% of their total traffic and over half of their actual conversions. Pure speculation. Nonetheless, my intent was/is to book a tee time and golfnow told me to download an app instead of use what I found first easily. I feel punished.

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