Interhuman Agreements

There are so many times we human beings use our inter-human abilities to communicate with each other. We use it to measure trust, gauge relevance, have feelings, be alerted and so many other interesting ways. From what I’ve noticed, interhuman agreements flow through us humans no matter if we know each other or not. Sometimes we don’t need to speak or motion, we just know.

Interhuman Agreements: I bring this topic up because its very real in so many ways. You can feel it when you are around a group of humans you don’t know. You can feel it more when you are around humans you do know. And keep in mind that our interhuman agreements can sometimes agree to disagree. That’s called compromise and requires an entirely different article. Nonetheless, our intuitive interhuman agreements are raw true feelings and shouldn’t be mistaken as anything else.

Ill never forget the time I received a look from my best friend (now brother-in-law 20+ years later) and I knew exactly what he was thinking and I agreed. We’ve all had it happen to us before. Sometimes all it takes is a glance from someone you know very well and it would trigger fond memories or mutual feelings that generate these inter human agreements. This particular time with my best friend, we agreed that he was giving me the ‘hey bro, I’m sorry, take cover’ warning because he had released a tiny little toot while we were sitting next to each other. No words were spoken and no sounds were made. I knew what he was talking about and I was thankful for the heads up.

In that silly yet true example, it just so happened that I knew the person that I eventually had an interhuman agreement with. This happens with loved ones often and in fact you can see it happen easily with kids and siblings. When one starts to cry, the other (commonly younger) will follow suit just because the interhuman agreements between little ones is stronger than we’ll ever know. As we grow older and navigate though time and life, we start to build tolerances and standards that shape our judgements and feelings. So when we are around other folks who have lived like us, its easy to flex our inter-human agreements. We know when someone is very nice or very rude without doing anything beside being at the same place at the same time.

This is also so true for the internet. Facebook allows us to ‘Like’ someone, Twitter allows us to ‘Follow’ or be ‘Followed’ and we can always +1 on Google Plus. When social sites start to share what our connections like or follow, we begin to make interhuman agreements on reputation, relevance, trust and whether or not we too like or are interested in following them. Looking at our interhuman agreements with those we don’t know, we make purchase decisions on user rated reviews and determine interest based on social stats, all from people we don’t know. Call it a hunch if you’d like to but it’s indeed a form of interhuman agreements.

On or offline we will always have these inter human being agreements. May they be positive or negative, they are real and important to all of us. Interhuman agreements are some of the purest feelings a human can have as they come natural to us. Embrace the interhuman agreements you have with others and stay human.

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