Knuckle Rubs For All

So I had my first pedicure and I think everyone would enjoy a knuckle rub. In any case, this post is all about

experiencing something new (and documenting it)

My first pedicure:
Step one: Roll up my jeans.
Step two: Put feet in water, into a small foot-sized tub still filling up with warm water.
Jets in water start blasting around and below my feet.
Gal takes my foot and starts to slightly brush/scrub the toes.
I look down and the water is now blue.
The gal turns on the seat massager.
There are rolling deals on my back with a vibrating massage too, in fact it’s happening as I type this.
While trimming my cuticles and filing my toes (on the left foot), I tell her that I just trimmed my own toes in the backyard and asked her for an opinion on my self-made job. She laughed, I’m not sure she understood me.
After trimming my cuticles and filing my toes (on the left foot), she put my foot back into the blue jet water bath and tried to upsell my wife that I get some additional services….the wife declined. I was able to pick up some of what they were talking about and I told the gal that I was a farmer and needed tough feet. I think she bought it.
Both feet were completed and the gal left.
I was able to enjoy just sitting with my groomed toes and feet in the jetted water.
Then the gal returned with a plate that had 3 different colored creams in 3 separate small ramekins (orange gritty, green putty and blue jello).
The gal asks that I roll my jeans up even higher (which I did), she scoots my chair back and props my feet up.
Right out of no where she begins to slather my feet and legs (shin down) with a cool gritty orange substance.
I instantly began to crack up because I did not expect to get a lower leg scrub down… It really surprised me. At one point the broad sitting across the way from my wife and I giggled a bit over the slight scene of my reactions to the unexpected experiences I was living.
Then she applied the green putty just to my feet and eventually wrapped my feet in hot towels.
Then the gal began to give each calf a complete massage… It was awesome. We’re talkin minutes of massage on just the lower legs. While she was working and I was typing, the gal told me that my wife ‘comes here often’ and a answered that I knew and that was a contributor to those visits.
One foot at a time the gal unwrapped my feet and then gave me a ultimate foot massage, pulling toes, hitting my heal, knuckle rubs all over, open hand massage, shaking, pushing…some tickled, mostly on the right foot.
As the gal spoke to the other gal working on my wife’s feet, I didn’t really understand what she was talkin about….but both gals seemed nice.
After both feet and legs were fully groomed, slathered, wrapped, rubbed, beat, knuckled, massaged, unwrapped, and rebeat and rerubbed, I was again left with my feet in the jetted blue water.
When the gal returned she rinsed both legs and feet, then wiped with hot towels.
Both feet propped up again on a dry white towel. The gal gave each toe another once-over and trimmed where she saw imperfections.
After one last wipe down, the gal began to scrub the foot bathtub and told me that I could sit with the vibrating massage while my wife finished up. The gal also suggested that I reschedule for 2 weeks from now.
After looking around I recognized that I was the only guy in the entire joint, except the owner. There was a mom daughter combo celebrating a birthday. Another individual lady was relaxing while another gal painted the nails on her hand that wasn’t in the infrared nail dryer.
The last several minutes of nothingness (while my wife’s toes were being painted) the chair continued to vibrate and the back massager continued to roll heavily up and down my back.
When the time came (after my wife’s toes dried a little) I rolled my pant legs back down and took my first step. Wow, it took a few minutes to bring myself back to earth.
Yes, I’d do it again.


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