One Day At A Time

I am a worrier by nature. I tend to automatically stress about and over analyze things in order to process life and the choices that I want to make for my future. Over the years, I conditioned myself to believe that the only way that I could figure out the answers to the important questions that I needed to answer was to stress, worry and feel anxious about it until I came to a conclusion. I also have had severe anxiety over making the wrong decision and having to change course along the way.

Slowly but surely, I am learning that I can actually make important decisions with careful thought but that I can do that without stressing or doubting myself so much. It is enough to take your time to think things through, way your options, ask for the opinions of the people you respect and go then just go with it. And what a revelation that I can actually change my mind later if the choice I made is not working out as I’d hoped and go a different direction!! Brilliant!

Of course, understanding these concepts and actually applying them to our daily lives are two totally different things for us worry warts. It is also another hurdle all together to condition oneself un-learn the instinct of stress, anxiety and doubt surrounding life choices and change. I am now at the point where I “get it”. I know that the worrying doesn’t actually help me in my decision-making, and it doesn’t provide me with a more secure outcome either. So, I just take it one day at a time, and try to patiently remind myself that (as my mom would say) “it’s all going to be okay”. Breathe. Trust yourself. And when it doesn’t work out…do something else.

2 thoughts on “One Day At A Time

  1. Breathe sister, breathe… And once you begin to notice that you are overly stressing about something – just say to that thought – “don’t worry, I gotcha” 🙂

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