The Truth About Digital

Throughout the last several years as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Boulevards New Media in San Jose the Capitol of Silicon Valley, Ive been up against other internet marketing companies, from webmasters to web-marketers, and I’m always amazed when I hear horrible things about how these other outfits take advantage of small businesses. It actually really pisses me off when business owners (client or not) introduce me to campaigns they were sold on that are inefficient, ultra expensive and non-transparent. In my mind, when I am made aware of these situations, I begin some serious damage control for the reputation of ‘Us Honest Web Guys’ and begin to properly educate these business owners of what exactly they should expect from the most accountable and transparent sources of marketing available…the Internet.

The Truth About Digital: Exposing the truth about how things work online, guiding a web novice down a path that makes sense for them or even introducing new technologies to business owners that can help measure success and/or determine refinement points, is all very fulfilling to me. As I mentioned above, I get super upset when other wanna-be online marketing companies do not take the same pride in exposing the truth about how things work online, but instead just push their product and eventually take advantage of the little knowledge that most small business owners have about how the Internet works and can work for them. Everything from basic website structure and acquiring traffic, to more recent trends of dynamic content and social strategies, I’ve exposed the truth to these business owners and eventually squash the nonsense one issue at at time. If you’re reading this and consider yourself to be an honest web person, you would agree that it takes time and patience to reverse the damage these untrustworthy companies have created, but in the end its time well spent. Why is it time well spent? Because knowledge is power and sharing is caring….its simple.

Beyond the feel-good of sharing powerful info, I enjoy showing business owners how they can save money (or spend it smarter), manage their reputation, increase and strengthen their brand awareness and most importantly teach them how to give their internet users a better and more credible experience. It would be awesome if more folks in this industry felt the same, but for now, I will continue to evangelize the truth about digital.

Im happy to address any questions below. And remember, there is no such thing as a dumb question.

Digital C

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Sir Name: Carl Foisy has been issued several aliases by friends n family: Sidestreet Foisy is one of them along with; 'Lito, Cadillac Carl, Mr. San Jose, Big Lobster, TDW, Knuckles B McCrackin, Team 106 and a few others. A message from Carl: 'I enjoy positive energies, open honest conversation and sharing knowledge that Ive been so lucky to obtain throughout my (so far) short life. I'm a workaholic and a big evangelist of digital media, data science and honest web guidance. I love being a husband, father, friend, handyman, bocce aficionado and human like you.'

2 thoughts on “The Truth About Digital

  1. Tru dat my friend! Great job setting the example. Truth, character and integrity are rare nowadays. It really comes down to the heart condition. What are your intentions? Are you really, genuinely wanting to help the person? Yup, let’s be the change we want to see in the world. Awesome post bromey!

    • Thx Armando…to address your questions:

      What are your intentions?
      — Equip those who use the web for business or personal matters with digital industry know-how and best practices. Education and guidance will play a big role in my efforts. The end result will be: A better online experience for both business owners and their digital audience.

      Are you really, genuinely wanting to help the person?
      — Honesty is like beauty, it lives in the eye of the beholder. Fortunately, for everyone, the digital arena is very scientific and transparent. It can be used strategically and its amazing just how obvious things are when you explain them properly. It really just makes sense. My intentions are genuine. And those who do business with me know it and appreciate the knowledge.

      Thanks again Armando

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