Driving Excitement

This adabldoya.com post is all about a dab of excitement from behind the wheel of some of the worlds most thrilling vehicles. If you’re ever in Silicon Valley or the SF Bay Area, Club Sportiva offers one of the most exhilarating driving tours in the USA. The tour starts and ends in the heart of Silicon Valley where Club Sportiva is headquartered. Featuring six exotic sports cars (Lamborghini, Tesla, Audi, Porsche, Lotus and Ferrari) that most people never get to even sit in, let alone drive. And when I say ‘drive’ I really mean push to the limits in a full-throttle fashion throughout the winding roads of Santa Cruz Mountains.

My experience was phenomenal. Here was the line-up: Lotus headed West up Hwy 17 to Hwy 9, through Saratoga all the way to Skyline Rd. Ferrari 360 Spider North on Skyline to Woodside Rd. Audi R8 down from Skyline Rd through La Honda to Hwy 1 the Pacific Coast Hwy. Porsche Boxter S South on Hwy 1, then East through Pescadero back to Woodside Rd. Lamborghini Gallardo headed South on Skyline back towards Hwy 9. Tesla Roadster back down Hwy 9, through Saratoga and Los Gatos, ending back at Club Sportiva Headquarters.

Driving these machines and pushing them to the limit (at least the limit that I was comfortable with) was by far one of the most exciting things Ive ever done. Each car was different in its own way. The Lotus had no traction control or power steering and was very low to the ground. Once the Lotus reached to 6000 RPMs, it was like it had hyper-speed and really took off. I was a little skeptical about the Ferrari (not only because its an ultra expensive car for an average guy like me) because it had paddle shifters on the steering wheel and no clutch for shifting, but once I drove it one block, I was very comfortable with it. The Ferrari’s engine was smooth and fairly quiet for what I expected. Audi R8 was the only non-convertible in the crew. It drove smooth like a Cadillac just not as quiet. The handling and steering were superb and it really hugged each curve. When it was my turn for the Porsche Boxter I was preparing myself for a nice easy ride, but was pleasantly surprised once we got back on the windy mountain roads. I was able to keep up with the best of them. In my opinion the Lamborghini (aka Lambo) was by far my favorite. Not only do they look fast, but they truly are fast. The way it responded when I pressed the gas was unlike any other vehicle Ive ever driven. It was a monster. The other thing I loved about the Lambo was the way it sounded in high and low RPMs. Ill say it again, it was a monster and I was speechless when I exited the car. Lastly, the Tesla which is fully electric, super quick and crazy-quiet. The Tesla’s acceleration was impressive and it felt like it wouldn’t stop gaining speed if the pedal was being pressed.

I broke 100 miles per hour in several of the cars. When the sign said ’25 miles per hour’ for curves, I took them at 50+ with ease. All of the cars turned heads. All of the cars were returned safely and undamaged. Everyone had a blast. Even those who weren’t car enthusiasts really had a great day. Personally, my face hurt from smiling so much.

Everyone deserves a dab of excitement in their life every once and a while. This is just one way to get it.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Tesla

Skyline and Woodside Rd

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