Accomplishment Hike

Why do people work hard? Why do people climb mountains? Why do people buy expensive cars? There could be a number of answers, but for the most part there will be a

sense of accomplishment attached to the reason why.

Accomplishment Hike: Years ago, I was one man in a very small group of men who completed the Skyline to Sea Trail in one day. To make our 14+ hour long story short: Our hike (including the 4 mile by-pass) was roughly 34 miles. The trial has loads of switchbacks and required us to summit three times. The mix of footpath terrain ranges from narrow overgrown secluded trials and a section of cool boulders to typical hiking paths and fire roads. As you ascend and descend through the Santa Cruz Mountains, the climate changes from clear and windy to dark and moist to cool and shady to hot and sunny. We came across wildlife from snakes to boars and saw rushing streams and waterfalls. On a personal note, I remember that I had to cut the front portion of my boots off to ease the pain in my toes….it worked. When we finally made it to the Sea, we were in pain, but we all looked back towards the top of the mountain range behind us and without saying a word to each other, we all felt a huge sense of accomplishment.

After we accomplished Skyline to Sea, I thought that hiking the 49-Mile Scenic Route in San Francisco was something that sounded achievable. A urban hike with stores and taxis all over…it just sounded too easy. No reason to carry rope or buck knifes. No loss of cell reception. And instead of taking in the rugged outdoors, you would enjoy one of the worlds top urban destinations on foot.

Just a few days ago I was introduced to a 50-Mile walk called Walk The Commute. Last year 18 people started and only 6 people completed the walk…..and I’m very much interested in participating in (and completing) the second annual 2012 walk in early June. The walk starts in Downtown San Jose and ends in Downtown San Francisco essentially walking the El Camino Real (which is one of the oldest thoroughfares in The Bay Area). They suggest that the walk takes almost 24 hours. Beyond being introduced and reintroduced to the great El Camino Real, I look forward to the years of feeling accomplished every time I travel between SJ and SF.

This type of thing is cool to me. After talking to Walk the Commute and learning more about this event, I was excited to hear their ideas of a ‘Choose Your Cause’ type of fundraising opportunities they would like to adopt in the upcoming years.

According to my wife, I need to find a buddy to walk with. Who’s with me?

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